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"We founded Alliance Cleaning Solutions because we saw an opportunity to help new Canadians."

Hi! We are Luisa and Andres

We came to Canada from Colombia with no personal or professional connections, but full of hope for a better and safer future.


Andres came to Canada first at the age of 21, Luisa came a couple of years later, at only 19 years old. Because we didn't know any English, or any one for that matter, it was very difficult for us to find our first job. We needed to provide for ourselves, and thankfully after a bit of persistent searching, we found employment with a local cleaning company.

We started cleaning retail stores part time and that helped us pay our bills and allowed us to go to school simultaneously.

That job was a life saver for us. Although we had never done any cleaning previously, and it wasn't easy, we knew it was temporary and it was a blessing to have a source of income when we needed it the most.

After finishing our English classes, we both went to college, graduated and found great jobs. Luisa is now the Director of Client services at a Digital Marketing company and Andres is a Senior Operations Information Security Officer at one of the Canada's leading banks.

We kept meeting new people who had immigrated to Canada who were struggling to find a decent job and in need of employment, like we once were. We really wanted to help them, so we would refer them to the cleaning companies that we previously worked with. However, they always needed more than just employment, they needed contacts for good daycare or English school services, how they could apply for health care and so on.

About two years ago, we founded Alliance Cleaning Solutions, to facilitate the needs of these new Canadians. Even though Andres and I both have full time jobs, we dedicate our spare time to finding cleaning contracts and provide our crew with as much support as possible.

Our hard-working employees consist of  single moms that need to provide for their children, elderly workers looking to return to the workforce or people that haven't had the opportunity to go to school. We don't only offer them employment, we provide them with assistance in finding free training courses in their area, free events for them to attend, daycare and financial assistance, and many other tools to grow professionally and personally.


Our top priority is to make our staff feel as they are part of a community within an organization that cares about them.



Luisa and Andres have been amazing managers, the job pays very well, they provided full training and always find ways to make our job easier.


I can confidently say that Luisa and Andres have been the most and best influential people I have met. They became my mentors, they have helped me, without expecting anything in return.


Luisa and Andres offered us a part time job that helps us provide for our kids, and allows us to continue to attend English school.

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