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"We founded Alliance Cleaning Solutions because we saw an opportunity to help new Canadians."

We founded ACS with the main purpose of providing employment to newcomers while they learn the language and adapt to the Canadian job environment. 97% of our crew members are women! Most of them are professionals in their countries but have to start from scratch when they arrive here, mainly because they do not speak English.

We assist them in enrolling in English classes, daycare or school for their kids, skill transferring programs, food banks, lawyers, and so many more tools that will help them grow professionally and personally while receiving some income!

We are very passionate about this company as ourselves went through all of that when we moved here.

It is no secret that immigrating to a new country can be overwhelming, for that reason we want our team members to know they are not alone. We want them to know they are part of a company that cares about them.

Our clients are mostly offices and retail stores, we work closely with them to find a schedule and budget that works for them and we take care of everything else; hiring, training, insurance, background checks, uniforms. We send our client a monthly invoice and they are happy to receive outstanding cleaning services knowing that they are also supporting new Canadians in their settlement journey.



Luisa and Andres have been amazing managers, the job pays very well, they provided full training and always find ways to make our job easier.


I can confidently say that Luisa and Andres have been the most and best influential people I have met. They became my mentors, they have helped me, without expecting anything in return.


Luisa and Andres offered us a part time job that helps us provide for our kids, and allows us to continue to attend English school.

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