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Our cleaning process is always subject to a standard quality checklist to ensure the service you receive provides exceptional value at great rates. In addition, our cleaning team will make note of special requests made and incorporate them into our any of the services we offer to ensure you are 100% satisfied.


Our first visit will be a through, top to bottom clean of the space based on a customized checklist. This visit takes longer than the regular service and allows us to better prepare for regular maintenance which can be completed in less time. Your preferences are our priority, so please point out any areas that need special attention and care.



After the first visit, we will create a customized checklist for the regular cleaning team to follow, this will allow them to keep the space consistently clean. We follow our checklist and incorporate your special requests and requirements into your unique client profile.



Since we know that getting cleaning supplies may not be on the top of your to-do list, we can do the shopping for you. We can provide all the cleaning supplies. We use the products that, based on our experience, we consider the best quality. We understand that you may prefer to buy the supplies yourself which is why we provide both options.


We are proud to only use environmentally friendly products that will not only clean and disinfect all surfaces, but also have less to no chemicals on it so that your staff and employees (as well as ours) won’t be affected negatively in their health.


 We continuously strives to enhance all services by aiming for excellence at all levels. Customer satisfaction is achieved through first, an accurate assessment of the customer’s needs and then developing a thorough customized service package to meet those specified needs in a timely manner. We work within your budget and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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